Door Care and Maintenance

Wood decay, also know as fungal infestation, occurs when unprotected wood is exposed to damp conditions over time. Mould spores develop, sending root-like feelers into the wood. These feelers produce enzymes that break down wood fibres as a food source. As the wood fibres break down, the structural integrity weakens until the wood is completely destroyed.

To prevent this, we recommend that you clean any mould and dirt from external doors at least once a year. An annual inspection of all exposed wood is essential.

  • Paint doors according to paint manufacturer’s instructions immediately after delivery on all six faces.
  • Seal all joints and corners to prevent water infiltration.
  • Repair any cracks or damage to the paint immediately.

Storage and Handling

Doors should be stored flat on a level surface. However, if this is not possible, they may be stored for a short time on their side – supported by at least two vertical supports. NEVER store them standing on one end and leaning against a wall.

Doors should not be exposed to excessive heat, dryness, humidity or direct sunlight prior to finishing. Direct sunlight can cause “sunburn” and if a door is partly exposed, a line may appear across an exposed door and is very difficult – if not impossible – to remove.

Handle doors with clean hands or gloves and do not drag them across one another.

When your door arrives:

Immediately upon receipt of your door(s), inspect for warp, damage, or any other defect. In case of freight damage, it is your responsibility to refuse the shipment or to file a claim with the delivering freight company at once. Digital photographs of the damaged freight are always a good idea to ensure a proper claim.

If you plan to return the door(s), due to freight damage or a defect, please do not cut, hang or finish. If possible please return in original packaging.

Damage Claims and Returns Policy

In the interests of defining who carries responsibility for goods, our procedure for handling freight damage and returns are set out as follows:

  • Every door we build is first created as a computer file, a copy of which is faxed for inspection to each customer. Goods will not be considered for return without charge, if they match this order confirmation and the goods are not damaged.
  • It is the customers responsibility to make sure that they receive an order confirmation within a reasonable timeframe (24 hours), check it for accuracy and then return fax to 0800 80 70 79.
  • Please note, door(s) will continue to proceed through the factory without a confirmation signature, therefore please ensure order is checked immediately.
  • All claims for goods damaged in transit must be made to the company within seven days of delivery and signed damaged on the delivery docket retained by the driver at the time the goods are unloaded.
  • Freight damage claims where the goods have been signed for ‘Subject to Inspection’will not be accepted – any damage must be specifically noted on the delivery docket at the time the goods are unloaded from the truck.
  • All doors must be sealed correctly as per instructions from the ‘Care and Handling’ flyer received with each door package. The sealant and polyurethane/paint (compliant to manufacturer’s standards) must be placed on the doors’ six faces immediately or the door(s) warranty will become void and will not be accepted as a claim.

All claims and queries on damage issues should be directed to our Customer Service team on phone 0800 80 80 66, or fax us on 0800 80 70 79.

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