Choosing a Door2020-07-31T13:27:39+12:00

Factors to consider when choosing a door

When choosing a door, you will need to consider climate, the direction the door will be facing and the amount of overhang covering it. All these factors will help to adequately protect the door and extend its life. Without adequate overhang, doors with modest exposures will require more frequent maintenance.

Timber doors with large panels are more adversely affected by direct sunlight than those with smaller panels. Doors with wide panels require 100% protection from the sun. If your entryway receives any direct sunlight, select a door with smaller panels.

Renall doors are designed for use in weather protected situations only and should not be subjected to driving rain or long periods of direct sunlight. A porch or substantial overhang should protect the doors.

If the opening where the door is to be installed has less than the required overhang to offer adequate protection, any problems with the door will not be covered by our warranty.

Standard paint quality S5 or S6 frame & ledge doors will withstand exposure to the elements if kept painted (white is best).

If you have any queries or if you are unsure of your requirements please contact us.